Other projects:

Cardboard Fox
Bath Bluegrass School

Gear we like:

BlueChip Picks - Fantastic sounding and feeling long-lasting picks
Bourgeois Guitars - Made in the USA; Charlotte would never part with hers
Bryn Munford Guitars - Charlotte plays one of Bryn's beautiful Tenor Guitars
Daniel Bristow Violins - The best violin maker and repairer around!
Davidson Instruments - Flawless mandolins, banjos and guitars
Fylde Guitars - Charlotte's main guitar which she adores
Guild Guitars - Laura plays a GAD-30
K&K Pickups - These are brilliant! We use them in all our guitars
Krishot Mandolins - Charlotte's main mandolin made by Eduard Kristufek
Lebeda Resophonic Guitars - Maker of Laura's No.2 dobro
Martin Gross Straps - The most comfortable and beautiful straps in the world
Peceny Mandolins - Charlotte's No.2 mandolin; an apprentice of Kristufek
Rayco Resophonics - Made in Canada; unbeatable resophonic guitars
Sonic Violins - The perfect gigging violin and a soundman's dream

Useful Sites

Guitar:Mandolin:Banjo - Charlotte's website with free tabs, tunes and transcriptions to download
SFSS - Sore Fingers Summer Schools
BBMA - The British Bluegrass Music Association
FOAOTMAD - Friends of American Old Time Music and Dance
Slippery Hill - Fantastic library of old time fiddle recordings
DMS - Disc Manufacturing Services
Awesome Merchandise - Great value posters and flyers